Do I need to make a reservation for my children?

For children 18 months or older, Reservations are never needed. Reservations are highly recommended for infants under 18 months. Due to the limited number of spots, our infant (6 weeks-11 months) and transition (12 months - 18 months) rooms fill out fast! Reserve your child's spot online!

Do you require any upfront membership or supply fees?

Absolutely not! There are no membership or supply fees.

What should my child bring to the center?

We provide everything your child needs except diapers and formula (if applicable). Feel free to bring them lunch or dinner if they will be here for a meal time, or they can choose from one of our meal selections. We do ask that you leave any toys or electronics at home. We don't want anything to get lost or broken when they are here. Please remember to put your child's name on any belongings they do bring so we can make sure they go back to the right owner. 

What documents will I need to complete when I drop off my child for the first time?

All families need to complete a Admission Information page for their child. This is a one-page document which gives us emergency and pick up information. The state also requires that we have immunization records on file for each child.

How long will check in take?

If your child(ren) are registered in our system, the check-in process takes just a few minutes. You'll check -in with the front desk, pick a cubby, fill out a name tag and meal form (if needed) and we're all set!

How do you keep the Kids Club clean and free of germs?

We have a full time cleaning crew on staff that helps keep everything nice and clean for our kiddos. In addition to hourly cleaning checks, we also use a third party disinfecting company. Click Here to check out a video of our facility being disinfected!

Can my infant sleep with their blanket?

Infants over a year old are allowed to have a blanket in their crib. Infants under a year old are not allowed a blanket unless we have a physician's note.

Does Oak Haven provide snacks and meals?

Snacks are always included free of charge.
Parents may provide Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner or they may purchase from Oak Haven.
Breakfast is $4, Lunch and Dinner are $5 each, Gluten Free options are $6.

What type of activities will my school age child be able to do?

Board Games
Art Projects
Nabi Big Tab
Outdoor Play Area/Outside Activities
Scavenger Hunts

What type of activities will my toddler be able to do?

Board Games
Art Projects
Dramatic Play
Jumbo Legos
Outdoor Play Area/Outside Activities

Does Oak Haven allow the children to watch TV all day?

No. The TV remains off unless it is movie time which is 7 pm - 9 pm every evening.

How can I pay for care?

Cash and all major credit cards accepted.

How many hours may my child stay at the center?

Per our facility policies, children can be in our care no more than 10 hours per day and no more than six consecutive days.
We are open 7 days a week! Monday - Thursday from 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m and Friday & Saturday from 7:00 am - Midnight and Sundays 9 am - 6 pm